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storage and road safety warning. The main features include:
1. to record car driving state and other information, so as to provide
evidence against traffic disputes;
2. to detect mobile speed measurement signal beforehand and reduce
the ticket; and
3. gravity sensor function (G-SENSOR).  


With an HD lens, the product may completely record audios and
videos during driving. In case of any accident, the evidence being
kept may guarantee the rights and interests of the driver. The impact
force sensitiveness may be set via the built-in G-SENSOR. For
external impact force greater than the set value, the field data will
be recorded and used as evidence for the accident.


Product specifications
Pixel numbers :1080P
Photosensitive element :COMS chip
Field of view :140 degrees
Visual focal length : ≥2M
Dynamic map resolution :1280*720 HD
Shooting image resolution :1440*1920 HD
Number of colors :36 bit true color
Lens construction :4E+IR aspheric lens
White balance :Automatic
Screen size: 2.0
Screen resolution: 1280×1920
Speaker :8R 1.5W
Microphone: —38DB
TF card :Up to 32GB external extended memory
Mobile speed receiving range: 200-1200M
Operating voltage :DC5V It is strongly suggested to use power
Operating current :500MA
Battery capacity :200MA
Charging current :120MA

Support large-capacity memory card, up to 32GB.
Support G-Sensor function: automatic screen locking in the
collision or rollover; the video is not to be covered by the loop recordin.
High-definition color video with sound.
Hot-pluggable memory card: When the memory card is full, it
can be replaced at any time. The video stored may be played on
mobile phone, MP4 or other devices.
The lens can be adjusted up and down, so as to adjust the lens
angle and ensure better video effect.
The screen can rotate freely, easy for users to watch video.

With super all-channel detection function to detect mobile radar
signal over great distance, the product may issue earlywarning to
the driver.
Equipped with low illumination induction lens, the product has
better night vision effect than similar products in the market and is
the most convenient tool for night traveler.